An air conditioner that meets the needs of young people

Of course
I know you

In the new economic era, the post-90s have become the major purchasing crowd. As a leader in the home appliance industry, Midea needs a partner who is proficient in user insight and product innovation. Kurz Kurz Design has become the first choice of Midea, aiming at the new generation of young consumer market, and creating more possibilities.

"This innovative product design accurately matches the simple life philosophy of young people today." —Liu Tao, Vice President of Midea Air.

but not easy

As a complete functional whole, air conditioning often causes visual confusion because of the functional layout on different surfaces. We use Kurz Kurz Design's unique design tool: Function Distinction, to summarize the functions and express them in a unified manner.

Through our design, the tedious operation is comprehensively simplified, creating an integrated and seamless appearance. And at the same time with the delicate texture of the frosted shell, the external appearance seems pure and ultimate.

How hard can it be?

In addition to thinking about appearance, the humanization of function is also the focus we are thinking about. From the analysis of the user's using flow, we found that the difficulty in removing the air conditioner filter is a major pain point.

Therefore, we create a rapidly removable filter to overcome the cleaning problem. The quick extraction method greatly simplifies the cleaning process; the user-friendly extraction design is more intuitive and convenient and can be easily used without the need for instructions.

A bit of Red

Color is one of the most direct visual communication languages between the product and the user, and the simple small label on the product can attract users silently. We use an integrated white shell design to make the whole product simple and harmonious. And the chic small red label makes the product more vivid, which is similar to the concept of "leave blank" in traditional Chinese landscape painting.

Also, the small red label is not only the finishing touch on the exterior but also serves as a physical switch.