1992The Foundation

The foundation of the studio was based on the experience/projects at the University/Academy of Arts, KRUPS, WILKHAHN and PHOENIX DESIGN.

1993The tableware era

Solingen is the most famous city in the world concerning cutlery and knives. At the start, Kurz Kurz Design focused on “Table culture” and “Kitchen accessories” and gained ZWILLING as one of the core clients. ZWILLING was founded in 1731 and is one of the oldest brands in the world.

Right from the start, the studio's own model shop has been very essential for its success. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) was at the very first beginning and therefore the physical design-model had been the only way to evaluate the design in 3D. Today in-house 3D-printers support the design process and guarantee efficiency and precision.

1996The sanitary era

Based on Mr. Dorian Kurz’s personal experience for well-known bathroom brands at PHOENIX DESIGN, the studio started to work for BETTE, HÜPPE, and KEUCO, expanded constantly in this field. We accompanied the transformation of the bathroom from being pure functional by adding emotional quality and respecting its cultural value.

At the beginning of that period, the design had to be done manually / analog. We shaped bathtubs in 1:1 scale by hand in styrofoam and did the 2D-drawings by pen on large drawing boards. When designing the series for VILLEROY & BOCH, founded in 1748, Computer-Aided Design had already been completely integrated into the process.

2005The technology era

As Kurz Kurz Design expanded successfully in the bathroom sector, its business neighbor, the heating industry got aware of our studio and cooperations with VAILLANT and WILO started, today both global players.

Corporate Product Design and brand identity became important aspects and Kurz Kurz Design created its claim “Design creates identity”. Design isn't just functional and emotional, it's about identity for both: the customer and the brand.

2012The international era

As Kurz Kurz Design’s clients acted more and more international, we accompanied them and gained also new clients such as DAMIXA (Denmark) and RONBOW (USA). Asia followed in 2005 with the first project for KAI in Japan and the first contacts in China 2006 such as LENOVO and HAIER. Based on the positive development in the white household appliances market and the brown goods, Kurz Kurz Design in China was founded in 2012 and today offers full support for the Asian market.

2017New opportunities

In 2017, the Solingen headquarters of Kurz Kurz Design moved into a brand-new open space which is also the soil for other startup companies such as a robot lab. Its space gives us a new opportunity to absorb innovation genes together with Kurz Kurz Design China right in the middle of booming Asia.


In 2020, the brand new 2800 sq meters KKD CAMPUS was established in Foshan, which is an energetic and pioneer community even at first glance. We create spaces including offices, workshops, café, gardens, gyms to match our various activities. Therefore, rather than an office, it is the place in which we feel at home and where we like to be.

In the same year, In Shenzhen, a vogue metropolitan, we founded our villa office, where we can exploit new markets and share our inspiring design.