Tencent AGV

An automatic vehicle, opens up the new face of technology


Honestly, it has both beauty and practicality.

We have expanded the form of wireless charging and created a flat surface with both aesthetics and completeness to fit the wall surface and realize automatic wall charging.

In addition, the surface is equipped with status indicator lights: normal, error, full load, and charging, four states are clearly visible.

Modular Storage Boxes

Each size object has its storage location.

From a practical point of view, we used a unique modular treatment, designing the storage space as boxes of different sizes to save diverse sizes’ objects.

Thus achieving intelligent interactive logistics, effectively improving transportation efficiency and accuracy, as well as reducing labor input.

Back and Side Form

The mash-up style is cleverly integrated with its technicality.

Right behind the product is a square-shaped rear light design made of transparent acrylic material, and the side is a silk screen grille cooling design made of aluminum alloy material.

The mix and match of materials does not destroy the overall consistency of the appearance, but creates uniqueness for the different faces of the product under a coordinated tone.

Status Display

It is clear to know its everything.

We divided the flat surface into a reasonable function, using simple icons and numbers to accurately display the product operation status, power information, and time.

In this way, the interactive way of products is more intuitive and convenient, which greatly improves the efficiency of the number arrangement of logistics vehicles.

Rear Lights

A lamp with lights and words.

We have designed a rear light with text message to remind the product operation status and avoid collision with users.

The color aperture with text light display: The red aperture and the word "STOP" will automatically light up after the logistics vehicle intelligently delivers the object to the designated location.

Package Transfer Station

The express is one step closer to you.

We designed a package transfer station with three sizes of cabinets to suit different sizes and types of objects.

To improve the efficiency of the delivery, we will place the package transfer station in the lobby and front desk of each building,so that couriers can conveniently drop off different-sizes items which waiting for the logistics vehicle to transfer.

Battery Station

It can store lots of spare batteries.

Taking into account the durability of product operation, we have established a battery station to store multiple spare batteries for use.

When the battery in use is insufficient or fails, it can be replaced at any time, effectively improving the operating efficiency.

Wall Charging Station

It’s rechargeable when in contact with the wall.

We optimized the charging performance structure of the logistics vehicle and created a wireless charging wall for the logistics vehicle to park and charge.

Without manual operation, the logistics vehicle will automatically lean against the wall for wireless charging. There will be a green aperture prompt when charging.