At the beginning of the project, Kurz Kurz Design carried out intensive field research, visited 12 different industries, 23 positions, different working environments including high temperature, outdoor, extreme noisy outdoor, dusty and others. We extracted four major insight which are the essential considerations for an industrial headphones: water-proof, dirt-resistant, strong and easy to use.

Then, we analyzed the wearing condition and frequency of use of all the headwear, including helmets, goggles, respirators, masks, etc. one by one. We also tested the existing products’ valid range in an environment with 100dB of noise. We try to combine different wearing methods and sound units to screen out effective combinations and form a prototype.

At the same time, we conducted a series of investigations and explorations on the management of industrial headphones and used product compatibility & rationality as criteria to create a basic product layout.

Most Wanted

Noise-canceling, Upgraded Voice Receiving Technique, 270° Rotation

Engineered DSP noise canceling boom design, while upgrading the vocal receiving effect, it can eliminate high-frequency noise of an external environment, securing private conversations at all times. There is a titanium wire hidden in the microphone boom, which rotated up and down 270 degrees, making it easy to use.

Not Afraid Of

IP55 Water-Resistant

Reduced product parts from its design, OpenComm reaches the IP55 Water-Resistant level, making it easily cope with the complex working environment.

The Ears

Engineered With Patented
7th Generation Bone Conduction Technology

By slightly vibrating the temporal bone, the sound bypasses the tympanic membrane and directly transmits into the ear, bringing a pleasant listening experience to the user, while still keeping awareness of the surrounding environment.


Pair and use with interphones
with a simple touch

The OPENCOMM adapter uses NFC technology, which can recognize and pair the adaptive interphone in short distance. Skipped the steps of manually start the Bluetooth connection and waiting for pairing, thereby it accelerates the Bluetooth connection and creating a more convenient user experience.


Groove Shape Design Make Positioning Easier

The groove shapes NFC adapter can be easily positioned on the headphones for a touch connection. The adapter is light and thin. It can be fixed on the arm, used as you want, without hindering daily work, sport and entertainment.

The Company Identity

Customize The Colors To Create Brand-style Products

OPENCOMM, as the representative of AfterShokz's entering into the corporate market, highlights AfterShokz’s brand feature in its upgraded appearance and color scheme. In order to create a stylized product for corporate customers, OPENCOMM provides customized services, and corporate customers can customize exclusive color schemes.

Creates Design Icon

‘KURZ KURZ DESIGN design can grasp the characteristics and problems of Use scenarios in industrial production in such a short period, and gave us practical insights, which impressed us deeply.’— AfterShokz Staff

This project is a win-win co-operation of innovative design thinking. AfterShokz’s acclaim cannot be reached without KKD intensive field research and unique ‘W+O’ workshops, as well as the concept optimization, promoting the product launch.