Multi-scenes baseboard heater

This is a heating device to meet the needs of different Spaces in the family. It can heat small space quickly and quietly, also meet the large space heating demand like the living room by combination.


In the family, people have different heating demands in different time and space. Consumers hope these diverse heating demands can be met in one single product.

Research & Insight

We carried out extensive research of the entire product life cycle, ranging from the usage scenario and the purchasing, using, cleaning and storage as well. We also have carried on the comprehensive thinking of the products, and design the best experience for all of these demands. For example, how many watts of heating can heat up space, how to quickly heat the environment without noise, how to make fast splicing and fixation of two objects, etc.


A heating device that meets the needs of different spaces in the family. It adopts new heating component and heating duct structure which can heat small space quickly and quietly to meet the individual heating demand. It can also meet the large space heating demand like the sitting room.

With the unified grille and screen and minimal design, it has good integrity and sense of professional whether it is used alone or spliced, The control panel at the top is easy for the user to control, while the front screen allows the user to understand the current temperature from distance.


With Multi-scenes baseboard heater, Kurz Kurz Design(China)is honored with iF DESIGN AWARD and AWE AWARD.

iF Design Award AWE Award