EVLINE Charging Pile

The simple geometric shape is used to create a unique product shape. The unified and simple design makes the product better integrate with the environment and provides a better charging experience.


Obtain a balance between the function and shape of the charging pile. Provide users with a better experience in different environments and increase the efficiency of use.

Research & Insight

We conducted a large number of research including product using steps, scenarios, and users, come up with different needs and designed the best experience for these needs. For example, how to avoid parking spaces occupying, how to improve the efficiency of charging piles, and how to make charging piles more integrated with the environment.


We proposed a ‘田’-shaped parking area planning plan. Through the shape in the waist, the two main interaction areas of the charging pile are combined to provide the optimized operation steps, and the design of the light bar at the waist also makes the charging pile achieve a higher recognition. We designed a detachable "skirt plate" attached to the bottom of the pile to ensure the overall shape and uniformity of the charging pile.


EVLINE provides better overall experiences of charging for its users. By applying the innovative proposed ’田’-shaped parking area planning scheme, the utilization rate of EVLINE charging pile is increased by 4 times or more, while the shape is made simple without losing its recognition, which blends better with the environments and achieves better identity.