Primy 美妆系列

Inspired by the daily life of female users, Primy Beauty series uses the concept of “beauty and wash” to rationally optimize the layout of bathroom cabinets, making it easier and faster for female users to prepare before going out.


As the main consumer of bathroom products, female users have strict requirements for the experience of sanitary products, not only the appearance of fashion, simplicity, high value, but also the functional design with innovative ideas to impress them.


Through research, we learned that in the daily use of traditional bathroom products, due to the chaotic storage and handling methods, not only the time for makeup and wearing is increased, but also the experience of female users is greatly reduced.


Primy BEAUTY series is designed and designed from the basic needs of users. In the overall form, the simple and fashionable large color block rectangles bring unique characteristics to the products. We reinterpreted the concept of dual spatial division, separating the open space from the concealed space, and through the additional open storage area and movable partition design, the daily necessities can be easily taken, making the storage more reasonable.

In the details, the novel and fashionable pink and the elegant black combination, combined with the newly designed matrix form of the acrylic storage box, bring users a more refined beauty experience.

Breaking the traditional limitations, we redefine the beauty faucet, while cleaning, accompanied by the moisturizing care of micro-steam, let users have the ultimate care and enjoyment.


PRIMY BEAUTY series provides users with the ultimate experience through the superposition of functions and the new concept of space division. At the exhibition, it stands out from many bathroom products and consolidates the excellent image of Prinmy brand in the design and manufacture of bathroom products.