Sommelier serie wine tools

The Sommelier series includes seven opening tools, a foil cutter, cork screw, stainless steel decanter, drop ring, wine pump and two waiter's knives. The modern and simple design concept, combined with Germany's superb steel craftsmanship, to provide users with the excellent and traditional wine tasting experience.


Because several types of wines have different shapes and different uses, we need a unified design language to emphasize the relevance and integrity of the tools, while also meeting the practicality and ease of use. The use of human-computer interaction is also an essential part of the design.


Through the research on wine products, we found problems with wine tools, such as: the same brand of wine tools does not have an uniform product characteristics and the product identification is not high.


The same material and brushed surface treatment give the Sommelier series a uniform brand identity, while reflecting the traditional skills of German steel craftsmanship. Each product in the series is made of silver-white metal as the main material, and black as an auxiliary color, reflecting the industrial style with heavy and classic. The unique and iconic logo stress the noble quality of the product.


The Sommelier series has created a set of wine tools that combines the traditional manufacturing industry with modern design concepts, providing users with a good wine tasting experience and consolidated the strong brand image of German Zwilling in design and production.