Meizu Halloween Sound Series

The Halloween series uses a "FESTIVE" intent that resonates with the public. In the form processing, we adopt the contours such as “pumpkin lamp” and “lantern”. Designed to express the concept of sharing.


Under the premise of practicality and functionality, use simple and interesting design, the product can better convey the concept of “sharing” to people.Share your favorite music with people like a holiday party so that everyone can listen to them.


Through research, we learned that compared with the traditional sound form, people tend to have a simple personality, and they have their own acoustic sound. Products that can share music with more people are more concerned.


The concept of Halloween adopts the "FESTIVE" intention that can resonate with the public. According to the intention, we use the simple and symmetrical structure of "pumpkin lamp" and "lantern". External soft woven material make the product as a whole richer beauty. In the internal structure, we use plastic parts to support the treatment of contour lines, so that the overall feeling is complete and the lines are full. Adding light effects to the edges of the plastic reveals a new form of interaction.


The core of the Halloween series is designed to convey the concept of gathering and sharing. Through ingenious creativity and exquisite form and structure design, the Halloween series has achieved superior functionality and recognition.